"Heart of Nature"  is a pretty rendition of barbed wire beauty.   It looks very rustic in an antique window but custom framing is also available if you are trying to fit it in a special place in your home.  Let a beautiful piece of barbed wire art accent your decor!
This symmetrical piece is featured in a 6 pane antique window.  It can also be wired in other size windows and is a pretty rendition of barbed wire beauty.   You can also provide your own window to be wired as an option.    33" x 27"

" Peacock" conjures up thoughts of fancy tail feathers and lots color.  This piece of art can be wired in rustic barbed wire or actually painted in the colors of your choice.  Frames/windows can be antique or custom made.    
28" x 34"   

"Royalty" is a fancy, elegant design that looks fit for a king or queen.  Wired into a single pane window, this design would be a lovely addition to any home. 
40" x  36" 

 "The Swirl" comes in a single pane window with an antique or custom frame.  All frame colors are available.  An absolutely beautiful design!
36" x 40"


Swirl Designs
Swirl designs come in a myriad of designs and geometric patterns.  They can be wired into a single or multi-pane window.  Frames can be antique or custom made, with or without glass. You can choose a design below,  choose your own or have a  swirl custom designedjust for you.   Add a swirl to your home today!
​"Galaxy" comes in an 8 pane window & is a compelling example of geometric design. Also available in different numbers of panes.   40" x 26"  

Can be customized in any multi-pane frame with the color of your choice. 
"Mother Earth"  is a wonderful piece that calls to mind new life and growth.  Wire in double strand barbed as well as single strand for the leaves, this art is a reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature. 
 28" x 37" 



This genuine antique window has two panes with barbed wire designs in each.

Meticulously hand crafted. A wonderful addition for your home or office, patio or barn.

Custom windows are available in many designs, colors, sizes and finishes.

Home Decor Ideas

Double Cloverleaf 
This great little design is just enough to brighten a room, hallway or office.  Any type or color of frame is also available.
"Emma" is a beautiful geometric piece of art that measures 18" x 36".  It can fit in many spaces with such a versatile size.  The swirls provide an elegant touch to any wall. 
"Jillian's Heart"  is full of swirl and romance.  It is a rather whimsical design and has a light, airy feeling.  The frame looks great in a rustic motif but can also be made to order in any color or any finish.