Halloween is fall indeed. This pretty fall wreath can come with or without our flying friend.  A single bat or other ghoulish creatures are available!
Luck 'O the Irish! Whether you are Irish or just need some luck, this barbed wire shamrock is lucky indeed!
16" x 20"
Add a  bit of holly to your holiday!   This barbed wire piece measures
23" x 17" but can be made in any size.  
Always a favorite, an initial is perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or Christmas.  Prices start at $30;contact me with your custom ideas.

Whether a holiday, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion,
a custom piece of barbed wire art can help celebrate.  
Barbed wire art is a unique gift that will make any occasion extra special.  Choose from the pieces below or call forcustom  namesand orders. 
Special Occasions & Holidays
Approx.  22" x 12"
A rose is a rose is a rose!  
Not just for Valentine's Day,
these roses will last forever.  
They are available in any color framed or in 3 dimensions.  Beautiful!  
This barbed wire wreath can come
with or without an initial.  
Initialssold separately starting at $30.  
"Praying Hands" is a timeless piece for any occasion.  This barbed wire art piece can also be made with praying hands in front of a Bible. Contact me with your custom ideas.
Crosses are a universal symbol of hope and love.  Personalize with a name for an anniversary or wedding or without a name for the perfect Easter gift. 
This 3-D pumpkin can be
whatever color and size that you want it to be!
A rose makes any occasion special!  This 3-D rose is available in rustic or the color of your choice. 
This barbed wire wreath can be dressed up for any occasion with different colors, flowers, and decor.  
Let me decorate a very special wreath for your home or for that perfect gift. Contact me with your choice of decor. 
Monograms are a great family tradition but can also be individualized for one person with first and middle name flanking an initial.  
Call or emailto personalize. 
What better way to celebrate a wedding or anniversary than with two people joined by love.  Call or email to order.