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Barbed Wire Style!

Find a Unique Piece of Art in the Barbed Wire Shop!

Welcome to the Windows of Opportunity e-commerce store. 
We are pleased to offer original and unique barbed wire art
by Jamaican artist Sean Wallace. 

Custom orders and designs are available
in antique windows or custom made frames.   
Glass is optional. 
Frames and windows are available in any finish and/or color. 
Backing is not included unless requested.  

All barbed wire art is hand-crafted and hand-tied using
aged, weathered barbed wire.
Most barbed wire has come directly from the fields
where it served as fencing.
Barbed wire is also available in different colors.   

If you have questions or would like to provide details
about your order, please contact the artist, 
Sean Wallace at 270-881-6442
or the Fox's Den Gallery at 270-498-9890.

Happy Shopping - we appreciate your business!