Sean Wallace
 Jamaican artist Sean Wallace has developed a stunning new artistry through the use of old barbed wire.  Blending the concepts of strength, softness, and beauty, the unique use of barbed wire to fashion art in both two and three dimensions is a dynamic and dramatic use of this medium.  
 This original, hand-crafted barbed wire art is one of a kind.  Each piece is created by the artist, meticulously hand-crafted and then signed in wire.   The use of old barbed wire to create elegant and beautiful  designs, portraits, logos, names, signature pieces and sculptures is both unique and amazing. In addition to his barbed wire art, Sean also offers original paintings, murals, and barbed wire sculptures. Artistry,attention to detail, and creativity are evident in all of his work. 

artist STatement

​​Sean Wallace grew up in Silent Hill, Jamaica.  One of 13 children, he was raised in a loving family where God came first.  Despite poverty and lack of opportunity, he was blessed with God given talents.  A gifted musician and artist, he has put those talents to good use. Sean began drawing and painting as a young man in Jamaica.  He drew, sketched and painted in pencil, pen, markers, pastels and watercolors on any materials he could find.   After arriving in the States, he honed his originality and in 2013 created a unique artistry using old barbed wire.   
Despite no formal art training, he has used this medium to convey artistic beauty
in works that are original, unique, thought provoking and inspirational. 
“I want my art to be created through the eyes of God. It’s been through His wisdom and guidance that my talents are being developed.  The use of barbed wire is a fitting reflection of
His soft strength.” Sean continues to develop his barbed wire art technique incorporating different types
of wire, dimension, antique windows, and a myriad of ideas.  He has recently begun to
​ sculpt in barbed wire and is now offering 3-D and life-size pieces.  Sean is also an active musician, playing a variety of instruments, singing and performing with other local artists.  He helped found and currently runs the Glory Outreach Program - a Jamaican mission program serving the children and families of rural Jamaica – which his art helps support. His experiences and passion for life, makes him an accomplished and highly requested motivational speaker as well.
 He offers his work, both featured and commissioned, through his business, Windows of Opportunity. His art is also on display at the Fox’s Den in downtown, Cadiz, Kentucky. His art has been purchased and shipped all over the world.