Windows of Opportunity Barbed Wire Sculpting

Owl Approx. 14" x 14"
To order a custom design, please contact the artist, Sean. 
Only found in the tropics, this Jamaican Hummingbird has a scissors tail. 
We all are captured by animals and wildlife.   Your favorite pet, animal, fish or reptile can be custom made and brought to life out of barbed wire.  
One of Sean's signature pieces, this is one of a kind and won't be found anywhere else in the world!   
This Largemouth Bass is the perfect ​​gift for that special fisherman!  All types of fish available.  
Largemouth Bass In Real Water
31.5" x 27"   Framed
Elephant - Unframed  24" x 24"
Jamaican Hummingbird

   Jamaican Hummingbird

 10" x 14" Unframed
Largemouth Bass    31.5" x 27" Framed  
Animals & Wildlife


As Featured on TEDxTalk Evansville IN Oct 2015